Long Overdue!

Hi hi all! It has been a long time since I last posted anything, but life happened.  I also took a step back from social media for a while, I have come to realize there can be tons of crap that is negative and I have no idea why it has to be like that.  Work comes first and I had been working a lot, was 45-50 hour work weeks, now I’m back down to 40-43 hour work weeks so now I have a smudge more time to write and stuffs.

So, what has been going on with you? I hope this finds everyone in good spirits.  I have been well, but as I write this I’m sick, some stupid virus where I can’t go back to work for a few days.  I feel fine til I do to much then get exhausted.  So today I been doing a little cleaning here and there, filmed a YouTube video and just relaxing while watching Tales From the Crypt.  I’m a huge fan of the series and even the movies. Just a fun fact about me.

So, what have I been doing besides working? Not a whole lot.  I lost my stitch you bug for a while, but I still bought stuff.  I found the cutest pattern for my mom and fabric to match, so I need to kit that up and start it.  I did have a completion, let’s hope I got a picture.  

This is part of the pattern Chinese Zodiac by SodaStitch.  The fabric is dyed by Garibaldi’s Needleworks, floss is DMC and the lettering floss is Jodyri Designs Christmas edition Santa’s Sleigh.  My mom loves it lol.  This turned out so well as a stand alone, I think the rest of the series I’m going to do seperately so I can display each year as that year comes along.  

While on vacation from work a few weeks back, mom and I went to Lancaster, PA for a day trip and I went to a shop named Stitches Unlimited.  It was an awesome experience! I fount two patterns and fabric for both, one is for my mom, she will love the design.   

My mom’s birthday is in May so I thought this was appropriate.  The fabric I found to go with it is a Picture This Plus fabric, sorry don’t know the name of the color, 28ct evenweave in a soft yellow. 

I love the two, can’t wait to start the pattern, have to get the floss for it. Mom will love it.  Unfortunately, I am an April baby but everything for April was bought out so I found this wicked cute Autumn pattern for myself, I love Autumn one of my favorite seasons. 

I also found a fabbie for it.  This one is a Steph’s Fabrics 28ct 
I think that pattern will look awesome!  

From all the stuff I bought this year I think I’m going to stitch from stash next year. I have almost eight projects completely kitted up.  Yeah stitch from stash is logical considering I’m trying to go to this board game convention next year, trust me I will have loads of pictures! So on to what else I have been buying.

I found some eBay deals, love deals! Well first pattern I found was just a Mirabilia pattern I fell in love with, Cinderella.  

I cannot remember who I seen had done this but it looked fabulous. I rushed out to buy it. I still need to get the treasure beads and fabbie but yes I own it now.

I also found a seller, wish I had added them to my favorites list, who was having an awesome sale on Mira’s/Nora Corbett and I was able to get both Emi and Luna with their bead packs for less the forty dollars including shipping.  

All I need is fabric and these are ready to start! 

Jeez I have been buying more then I thought, when verbally talking it does not seem like much but I think I been going crazy these last few months.  But all of this has been since my last blog post so maybe not a whole lot then. Everyone should know my love of Halloween by now, so Halloween stuff is a must. First on the list Just Cross Stitch I was able to find in Barnes and Noble. 

The owl is adorable. To many patterns in here I want to do, not sure when will start tho.

I know a lot of people have seen the Stoney Creek monthly Halloween pattern.  I broke down and got the four parts plus an extra Halloween pattern. 


Stoney Creek has free patterns monthly you just have to pay for shipping. 

I, as probably most of us, am always looking for a “perfect” floss storage method.  This holy quest of all stitcher quest has led me to try DMC Stitchbow. I did research and most things I read and heard on videos were that it was awful and a waste of money.  I still tried them.  Here are my findings:

1.) If you plan on trying to convert your entire collection to Stitchbows, bad idea.  It will be crazy expensive and if you have hand dyed may not even be able to use. 

2.)Someone brand new to stitching, it maybe something you want to consider.  Easy to load, like 30seconds, easy to store in binders, I suggest zippered binders so dust won’t get on them. Can then place binders in a book case. Also good for the rare ppl who only work one project at a time and buy floss for a project when they ready to start. What ever colors you need you can buy and reuse the empty Stitchbows from your last project.

3.) Some people found that it’s hard to store the lengths of unused floss that are cut. Everyone has to find what method works for them. I found my method for dealing with it, but also goes back to a stitcher’s stitch style. 

4.) Stitchbows can be stored in these plastic sleeves which can be stored in binders, or the Stitchbow project case.  I have a mini Stitchbow project case that my Zodiac is in.

So how has this impacted my floss storage? I find that I like using the Stitchbows for new projects that do not have tons of floss. It makes traveling with the project a breeze.  

This is the mini Stitchbow case. The project floss in there is the Clouds Factory Zodiac.  It only takes up four five pocket sleeves, I can carry my scissors hoop and project all zippered up safe with carrying handles. When I finish the Zodiac not sure which project I will do next. I want to kit up all future projects with Stitchbows but my problem is I’m OCD about things being the same. So if some flosses are bobbinated and some on Stitchbows it will drive me crazy. It will to be either all or none for me unless it is a hand dyed floss, that I would allow to be on a bobbin.

So, over all like the Stitchbows for how I use them, they have a few faults but the pros outweigh cons for me.

Final thing I attempted on my break was fabric dyeing, but I think I will leave that for another topic another day because I’m still playing around with that.  

Well I lost my stitching bug and it’s just starting to creep around again so let me show you where I am on a few projects. Once I get well I plan on starting these again.  First if some of your remember my Halloween fairy. Dude I screwed her up and had to frog a section like three times to figure what I had did wrong but this is her now. 

And as I mentioned earlier, I started the Clouds Factory Zodiac.  I finally broke down and bought the pattern, it’s to freaking cute! Here is my progress on it:

I changed  few of the flosses, namely all the Weeks Dye Works I converted to DMC except one that has no DMC conversion. I also did not use the S3820 because it was a pain to use, so I used 3820 the regular gold for it.  Bethlehem is the only WDW that has no DMC conversion for the Zodiac.  I’m actually happy it looks beautiful. Has given me faith to try WDW on another project.  I still have not picked story time sampler up and no plans to. I also changed the fabric type, I’m using Aida think a 16ct. 
Well, I think I have reported enough for now.  Think sleep time for me. Have fun and happy stitching!


Craziness going on! Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate Easter, if not, then Happy Day!

So, I missed a week of updating my blog.  So let’s update everything!

My entire rotation has gone to hell in a hand basket.  I did start my Glendon Place Sleepy Hollow and as of right now don’t want to work on anything else.  I also decided to go on a diet.  As of right now I am not eating out fast food.  I have been taking my lunch everyday to work, cooking breakfast every morning, and cooking dinner every night.  It is saving a lot of money and I have been feeling better since I have been doing it.  So with me eating lunch everyday at work, I have been taking my cross stitch to work with me.  My SH is coming along nicely, I am so in love with it.

So I will be continuing to work on my SH.

SH1 update After two weeks of work.  With me starting to take it to work to work on while I’m on lunch, it will be moving along nicely.  I’m using my Godric from True Blood needle minder on this project.  Different projects I use different needle minders on, whichever fits the mood of the project for me.

I decided to cancel my Stitchybox and my Love with Food box.  I have a few reasons.  First, I like both my boxes but not enough to make me sad if I got rid of both.  My March love with food box was not good at all.  I did not do an unboxing video, and thank goodness I didn’t.  Some of the things were not up my alley.

My Stitchybox came in March.  It was Halloween themed.  The fabric was a Tea dyed 28ct evenweave.  I am still deciding how I like it.  For me it was interesting to say the least.  So I decided to cancel my box.

My birthday is coming up, the end of this month as a matter fact on the 26th of April.  So I got myself a new car.  Got an Alien II green Kia Soul.  Its way cute, too cute I love it.

kia soul

Also, my mom took me and got me my new glasses as a birthday present.  Good news is I’m out of progressive lens, bad news is I have to go to back in three weeks for a glaucoma test….I failed some test so they want to test me for it.  I’m not stressed, could be worse. Just hope it would not interfere with either driving or cross stitching.


Well this is all that has been going on with me so far.  Hopefully I will be able to film a video if I’m not to tired from work.

Have a wonderful week!



Hello Friends!

Friends!  Your here!

So were to start with this week?  For my free week I worked on my Halloween Fairy, but none on my FPS, which saddens me and yet it don’t.  I still have not done my video for my March Love with Food because I think I am going to wait on my March Halloween Edition of Stitchybox so I can film both on the same day.  Day of Openings! Fun!

I did place an order with 13stitch.com last week and received my items in the beginning of the week.  It was nothing overly spectacular, just DMC, Mill Hill Beads and Kreinik floss to finish kitting up some projects.

So, it kinda saddens me that I am even considering this idea, but it is there.  It concerns my FPS Story Time.  I am not sure what is wrong with me or it, but I am having no urge what so ever to work on it.  I dread even thinking about it coming up in my rotation.  I think I may place it away for a while and start something else in its place.  I came to this realization while on a Skype call with my friend NayNay, and realized I’m disappointed by the design and/or colors.  I was never a person who changed up tons of things because i always say if I have to change loads of things I may as well design it myself. I don’t know yet, I am still debating.  I have a week til that pops up in my rotation.  This week is my RE blankie.  If I start something new I may switch up the weeks of what is done when, I seriously hate this idea but I am at my wits end.  I have decided I am placing the FPS on hold. Which means new rotation.  Update next weekend on this situation.

Let me show you what I have done on Halloween Fairy:

Last Picture:updatemahf

Here I where I am leaving it this week:hf week 3 update

Well my friends, til next week hope I have some videos up by then



Another Wonderful Day!

Hello All!

Today is going to be a great day!  I hope everyone reading this will have a good day also :).  SOOO what is going on with me?  Cleaning done:  Check.  Place my food in my crockpot for dinner today:  Check.  iPad charging:  Check.  What all this means for me is soon to be stitching after I finish my blog post and my iPad finish charging.

So this pass week was my Week Three Halloween Fairy.  I got all my goals for the week done, I only have one color, besides the Kreinik and beads on her dress to complete.  This is the before picture,

haloween fairy  This is the project that I started working on last Sunday for the week of 03/08/15 to 03/14/15.  Here is where it is at now

updatemahf Slow, but coming together nicely.  I want to finish this before I start anything else.

I may need to place myself on a pattern purchase limit.  In all honesty, I think I have bought all the patterns that I absolutely want now.  I have like three I want start this year, so that means I need to finish something soon.  I want to start one of my zodiac patterns, my Sleepy Hollow, and maybe my Gypsy Mermaid or my Sweet Bears.  I hate to become a serial starter.  The thought of having 10 plus wips scare me, so I place myself on a strict limit.  And before I start another cross stitch project I want to finish my R.E blankie.  So I have a lot of plans for this year.  Carrying projects year to year don’t bother me, just the thought of having TONS of wips discourage me.  When summer gets here I should have more stitching time, due to my jobs busy season being over.  So this summer I will prolly start back to working on my HAEDs, those I need to concentrate with because they are so massive.

Week Four:  Free

This week of my rotation is my free week to work on whatever I want.  I’m thinking about my Story Time, not sure yet, and/or my Halloween Fairy.  Perhaps both depending on my mood.  I need to get my story time caught up tho.  So that will be my primary focus most likely.

So I got new mail, which means new video on the horizon.  Yes, my month of March Love with Food box has arrived!

lwdmarch Still shrink wrapped, awaiting for when I get the munchies to make the video for.  I will be giving a written review here on my blog along with my first impressions video.

My postman is soon going to think I am the Queen of Mail Order.  I think I am the on the person on my floor who gets tons of things bought by mail to my front door at my apartment complex.  I received my Love with Food box on Friday, I am expecting a few more packages in the coming weeks.

I placed an order with 123 Stitch this week.  I have been waiting on my local LNS to get some beads for my Halloween Fairy in for about a month and I am soon going to be needing them, so I just ordered them along with other goodies.  That is one package my mail dude will be dropping off.  I am also awaiting my March Stitchybox and something coming from China.  I ordered one of the 11ct Aida kits to see how they are.  Maybe my mom will like to stitch that with me, I am always looking for something me and my mom can do together.

So I had a funny thought as I was placing all my floss not in kits in numerical order, between my HAEDs and everything I may have a full set of DMC.  I think it is funny.

Also, I have an odd question for anyone reading this.  Have any of you bought the 1000 plastic bobbins from Amazon?  I am thinking about getting those and want anyone input on how they are.  I am very funny about plastic bobbins, I absolutely HATE the DMC bobbins.  So I am hoping those bobbins are not like the DMC ones.

Well I think it is time to close this edition.  Time to bake something totally yummy! Have a great week everyone!


So, today I’m waking up and climbing out of bed later then normal had a hard time sleeping.  I think Sundays will be my blog update days as well as my project rotation days.  Need to figure out how to add pictures to my blog.

Last night on the fly I decided to make a new YouTube video showing off some things that I have purchased in the last week or so, or things that have arrived in the mail.  It’s at my channel, Snobunni426.

So onto more in-depth pictures if I can figure how to load pictures to my blog.

One item I forgot to mention and show in my video, my brand new Ottlie.  Michael’s had them on sale this pass week for 40% off.  Then Michael’s sent out a message saying that on Wednesday that there will be an addition 20% off coupon on all purchases include sale items, so at that point I decided to go shopping.  I was debating between a table top model or a floor stand model.  I decided to go with the table top stand model to try it.  I ended up falling in love with it and has decided to save money towards a floor stand model later this year.  Here are a few pictures of it:

ottlite 1 With Light on in its temporary location.

ottlite 2In the spot that it will be permanently once I get an extension cord, totally forgot to buy one this weekend.

So far as I was saying I love this light, it lights up my cross stitch so much I hardly strain now on the aida  I have been using.

Now onto the stuff that I did mention:

thread storage My new thread storage system, Creative Options Thread Organizer, double sided.  I have a TON of floss in this thing.  I found this box from a fellow YouTuber name Three Nerds.  She was showing it in one of her videos and I was thinking this is awesome.  I have all of my spare floss that is not in kits on one side, the other side has all the floss for two mini Heaven and Earth Designs.  So yes, I have very happy with this purchase.  I know Three Nerds found her box in Hobby Lobby but my local Hobby Lobby did not have in stock, so I ordered mines from eBay,com for around $9.  SCORE!

ocean city md winter snowSo yesterday (Saturday) I decided to go to Ocean City MD, yes in the snow, to visit my LNS The Salty Yarns.  It was a pleasant trip, roughly 30-45 minutes away from where I live.  Had Wendy’s on the way up, parked about six or seven blocks away from the shop and walked the boardwalk.  The was still snow and ice on the boardwalk, but slushy.  The beach had snow on it and I thought it was make a pretty picture so this is what I took.  The shop owners had came back from some convention this week with TONS of new stuff to sell, so I had a blast looking through all the new items they bought back with them.  The reason for my shopping trip was to hunt down fabric for a zodiac project I want to start later this year.

PTP Dusk This is what I found!!!!  I LOVE it.  I know the name is Dusk, I believe that is it is made by Picture This Plus.  I got it on 14ct aida cloth.  I cant wait to start this project, I may wait to start it at the first of the year after I finish my Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery year long SAL.  That way it will be in my new rotation.  I am trying not to become a serial starter. HaHa it is hard but so far I am succeeding.  While I was trying to choose between this fabric and another fabric for my zodiac project another fabric peeked out at me from the stacks upon stacks of fabric.

PTP Haunted This is 14ct aida named Haunted, I believe another Picture this Plus fabric.  I was saying to myself “ooo I should get this for my future Sleepy Hollow project”.  I am in love with the Glendon Place Sleep Hollow.  I had totally forgotten about the pattern because I had went to another shop while I was training in Baltimore that was out of the pattern and I totally forgot to check my LNS.  So I decided to check my shop and see if they had it and guess what they did!sleepy hollow.  So my entre shopping trip changed to me getting this pattern and both fabrics.  I also had to pick up a DMC  color there that Michael’s was out of and Wal-Mart does not sale.  I also decided to get the one Caron Waterlilies color that this pattern calls for, 027 Lemon n Lime.  I totally  forgot to check for the Mill Hill Beads that I will need for the pattern.  I usually don’t buy the DMC til after I check my stash at home.  I ended up having about 11 of the colors already so I just made a photo copy of the thread list and threw into my wallet so when I have extra cash I can buy a few skeins here and there.  My wallet is getting loaded down with floss list, I may have to re-think how I keep the list in my wallet.

Back at the first of the year, my mom had taken me to the Salty Yarns and bought me some stuff.  I showed this pattern in my videos but I was never sure if I had shown the fabric that I purchased to use for the pattern.  The pattern in Mirabilia Gypsy Mermaid.  I have the think for mermaids, but only certain ones.  gypsy mermaid This is what she looks like.  I have about half the DMC for her but I still have to get the Caron Waterlilies, Mill Hill Beads and Krienik for her.  I was not planning on starting her til later this year but I am prolly going to start her at the first of the year.  The fabric I found for her is called Lagoon,Lagoon.  It is a greenish/tanish color.  I have no clue who made this fabric.  This one is a 16ct.

My friends, CoffeeStitcher and A.Stitch.In.Time, decided to work on a project called Fairytales along with another person(totally forgot who that person is) by SODAstitch, a South Korean company.  It is extremely cute, but something I would never stitch but I went to the eBay store for the seller on eBay who is selling the SODAstitch patterns and looked around, and totally got into trouble.  I ended up purchasing myself three of their patterns.  My love of zodiacs will et me into trouble sooner or later.  Two of the three patterns I purchased it a part one and part two of the Chinese zodiac, chinese zodiac 1chinese zodiac 2 HOW CUTE ARE THOSE!!  I love them, not clue when I am going to start them, and still debating if I am going to do the both halves as one banner or keep as two separate panels.  so many choices!!!  The third pattern I purchased is another crazy cute pattern dealing with teddies and sweets, sweet bears.  This one is called Sweet Bears.  the teddy trying to crawl into the donut hole is what sold me on the pattern.

Now the next item I bought for my cross stitching I ended up finding in my comic book shop.  storage 1.  These are 200ct card boxes.  They are used for various things, holding cards, decks, dice.  I bought these to hold the floss, beads, and kreinik spools for smaller projects. Example:storage 2.  This box is holding all the floss beads and spools of Kreinik for my Halloween Fairy.  I find this easier to deal with when I am switching up my rotations.  My Frosted Pumpkin is also in one of these boxes.  I can grab and go wherever in my house.  which brings me to the next topic at hand, my WIPS.

As I mentioned earlier I think,  I  decided to start a rotation, but seriously not stressing myself over if I don’t get much done each week.  I decided on a three week rotation, which I would on three projects one week each then on the fourth week of the month work on what ever I want to work on.  The three in my rotation are Frost Pumpkin Sttchery storytime classics, Nora Corbett Halloween Fairy, and a crochet throw.

Week one:  Resident Evil Crochet Throw (R.E.)

So, some peple know my addiction to the Resident Evil movies.  I have all five of the live action movies, waiting on the sixth and final to come out.  I also have the two CG movies starring Leon S. Kennedy and there is supposedly a third one to come out but no work on that yet.  A friend of mines designed a graph-ghan for R.E for me. I’m super excited! I got about  35 rows done.  The type is a corner to corner (c2c) which means that you start in one corner and finish in the opposite corner.  Right now there is a ton of black, I should be starting with the colors soon.  Here is my progress:

RE C2C so far fun!

Week Two:  Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery–Story time Classics (FPS)

I will admitm this week I was not feeling this.  I don’t think I like the square im working on which is The Secret Garden.  Alice in Wonderland was fun to do, I’m not sure what is going on with The Secret Garden I don’t like.  I got about hallway through it but not a whole lot.  I need to get it done, so that I can move on to Sherlock Holmes.  This is what I have so far:


Week Three(starting today):  Halloween Fairy

This is a fun stitch,

haloween fairy this week my goal is to finish the dmc stitching in her dress.  I have about two to three more layers of her dress to do before I get to her legs and feet.  I also still have to do her other arm, but not worrying about that right now. After she is completed, I have a pumpkin to do and then starts the Kreinik and beading.

I think I have made this long enough, I hope you enjoyed my long post.  Thank you for visiting and I hope everyone has a great evening!



Hello world!

And Welcome to my Blog!  My name is Jackie, on YouTube as Snobunni426.  Today as the snow is falling in my area and eating my French toast sticks, I decided to start a blog.

So what will my blog be about?  Well, like most people, my blog will be about life.  Things going on in my life, my lovely dog Paris, and my hobbies.  On YouTube, my videos are about my hobby of cross stitch and my subscription boxes.  My blog will be about those same things along with crochet and just randomness.

A little about me.  My name is Jackie, but most of my close friends call me Jax.  I work in a dental office, been doing that for 10 years,  what can I say its a job.  My hobbies include cross stitch, crochet, dabble into scrapbooking, dabble in quilting and board games.

I started cross stitching about 8 months ago, and actually fell in love with it.  I had attempted to learn how to cross stitch years ago but I could never get it to click for me.  I tried it again and BOOM if clicked with me.  I also met some really nice people on Facebook (you guys know who you are) that helps me whenever I need it.  You guys ROCK!

Crochet I learned how to do over 20 years ago.  I had just transferred from Catholic school to public school and there was an afternoon program they had set up.  There was about 20 different things we could pick to do.  I decided to learn to crochet.  I have learned different things over the years new stitches new skills.  Crochet I leave and come back to over time.  It is like riding a bicycle, once you learn you never forget how to do it.  I have attempted knitting, like five times, it still have not clicked with me yet.  Eventually it will, just not ready to show itself to me.

Scrapbooking, I started a few years ago with my friend.  She loves scrapbooking, but I ran out of pictures mainly because I don’t take many pictures and I have not traveled enough to have loads of pictures. That is one of my goals in life is to travel,  and to relocate.  I live in Maryland right now but it is eh.  A place to live.

About 10 years ago I decided to attempt quilting, like it, but now I’m bored.  I have to try to figure out where to sell off some of my quilting stuff.  I have tons of it.

I love Euro style board games.  A few of my favorites are Ticket to Ride, Powergrid,, a group of games nicknamed “crayon rails” those are made by Mayfair Games, and Age of Steam.  I usually go over my friends house to play them.  I’m single and live by myself so I cannot teach Paris to play with me.  I have taught my mom a few, she really loves Ticket to Ride.

I decided to get onto the subscription box craze.  I have two subscriptions.  One is to Love with Food, and the second is StitchyBox.  Love with Food is a onthly subscription box that sends me healthy snacks in trail sizes to try out to see how I like them.  I started in January with those.  One my YouTube channel, I did blind opening videos for both boxes, it was fun.

The other subscription box I receive is Stitchybox.  It is bi monthly so it comes out every two months with specialty themes.  I also did a blind opening on my YouTube channel of my very first Stitchybox.  This month, March, the theme for Stitchybox will be Halloween.  SQUEE!!! I cannot wait.  I love Halloween.

Hmmm, think I have done a long enough intro to myself.